friendly staff, ao thun dong phuc great food and an awesome beer garden “Yard”.

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The hotel has recently been refurbished in 2018 with a diệt côn trùng

contemporary art deco feel, however rest assured, it still côn trùng

retains the welcoming atmosphere top wordpress hosting o fa local pub

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retains the welcoming atmosphere do trang tri sinh nhat o fa local pub

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Footy Tipping

We’re excited to bring you an epic
and FREE footy tipping competition at Hardimans.

A whopping $1,750 in prizes including $1000 in cash for first prize.

You’ll also get a FREE pot of Mountain Goat Lager ( @goatbeer ) each week just for putting your tips on in person! –
As an added bonus if you pick 9 from 9 you will receive a $25 venue voucher.

No entry fee so you have nothing to lose! But plenty to win! We’re only doing the free entry as our first year offer. –


⭐️1st Prize = $1000 cash plus $250 Venue Voucher
⭐️2nd Prize = $350 cash
⭐️3rd Prize = $150 cash


Sign Up at the bar with your Name, phone Number and email address and that’s it.

Hardimans Footy Tipping Rules

For all of you legends who signed up to our footy tipping competition, here are the rules:

1. Tips must be in before the buzzer of the first game of the round each week

2. You must CIRCLE the WINNER

3. If you don’t enter your tips you will automatically be given the lowest points scored for that round

4. 1 point for a correct tip, 0 points incorrect tip

5. If there is a tie at the end of the season, we will use the finals as a knockout competition. It will work the same as the regular season, but you will have to pick margins as well.

6. You must enter your tips in person to get the free pot of ‘Goat’ lager. The ‘Goat’ cannot be substituted for another beer or wine. These cannot be accumulated.

7. You cannot take your sheet away from the pub

8. If you cannot enter your tips in person, they must be emailed through to info@hardimans.com.au before the start of the first game of the round. You must clearly state your name and number that we have assigned
you, and have the round number in the Subject line.

9. Management’s decision is final